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Aggretsuko (August Joint Review)

The Story
Olga: Retsuko is a corporate slave stuck in a boring office job with a chauvinistic boss who rages to metal music to release her from the anguish. The show goes through various painful and funny incidents at her work and her lovely metal renditions in the bathroom, while portraying the questions of the purpose of one's life (or some shit like that. This is Olga writing, and I don't read into themes well, so if that made no sense… you know why)

Our Thoughts
|The character Fenneko is one of my favourites. She, at one episode, looked up social media patterns of this one coworker and this reminded me of me and Meghan stalking Beachbody huns (look up this subreddit if you don't know what we're talking about here
 Even the smallest shit was relatable to my life. What if the creators were actually tracking my life and hacked into my Internet records and shit???

 Cause Retsuko was a Scorpio Blood Type A, and I'm a Scorpio Blood Type…

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