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Yay or Nay?: I See London, I See France (Novel)

This book is amazing! Alright, now you can click out…joking! Don’t actually click away to something else, I want to tell you all about how great this novel is, and how long I’ve waited for a good book like this to come along. 
“I See London, I See France” is a delightful, light Y/A read that fills that need to travel. It’s also about romance, friendships, and learning about the freedom to take advantage of what life throws your way. I’ve been combing GoodReads lists for a book to read that was light, easy to get through, but enjoyable. I got so much more than I bargained for, and I bought this on a limb at the bookstore one day. 
Okay, okay, I’ve stalled long enough, and now I’ll get into the awesomeness that is this story! 
The Story
“I am going to Europe. EUROPE. I am leaving the country. I have never left the country, and now I’m going to at least five countries”— pg. 1
Nineteen-year-old Sydney is going to Europe with her best friend Leela. For the next four and a half weeks, she’ll be …

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