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Yay or Nay?: The Starless Sea (Novel)

Yeah….so the last time I read an Erin Morgenstern novel, I didn’t like it. Not because she’s a bad writer, actually far from it, I find her novels to have some of the best prose I’ve ever read. Her writing and storytelling however…to me at least, is not the best I’ve ever read. 
And hey that’s okay, I think that the wonderful thing about writing these reviews is that I get to express my opinion—and that’s all this is, an opinion. If you like her works, I can also see why. It’s just usually, her writing and stories aren’t my cup of tea. So with that said, I wanted to give her a second chance by reading her newest release, The Starless Sea, which as the title suggests, sounds pretty fucking cool. 
Did I like it? Well…er, kinda? Not really. It was more of a “meh” for me. If I had to rank it with her other story, The Night Circus— I preferred that one to this one. Let me explain! 
The Story
So, the story is a little bit complex, so let me link the GoodReads synopsis so you can get a gander: 

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